Hi I am Kelly Powell, Owner of Elements Studio Photography

I have been a working professional in the industry for 15 years with a masters degree in photography and motion. Since I began working as a professional in 2005, I have been committed to perfecting my craft and standing out above the competition. In 2008 I opened the doors to Elements Studio and my journey into artistry and entrepreneurship began.

It sounds cliche to say, but I love people and I love art. When I discovered photography, I found the way to bridge the gap between the two. Create beautiful art while meeting amazing human beings. The clients I have met along the way have been incredible, the collaborations have been inspiring. I have a passion for learning and teaching. I like to joke that I know just enough about a lot of things (mostly useless knowledge) to be mildly dangerous.

As I continue to learn and grow as a photographer and business person I want to pass on that expertise to others. That is why I have created Elements Studio Education. I truly want us all to be successful in life in whatever path we choose. If I can help others become confident as an artist, photographer and entrepreneur then my journey will be worth it.

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