I am so excited to share this journey with you. I truly want to see you succeed in your career no matter what level you are at. For the last 15 years I have photographed everything from weddings, portraits, families, models, boudoir, products, small businesses and big corporations. I have learned so much form each of these sessions and grateful for the lessons learned from each client.

After receiving my bachelors degree in Photography, I furthered my education by getting my masters degree in Studio Art and Education. Through the years I have been to countless workshops, conventions, and worked with other mentors to perfect my craft. Continuing education is so important, especially in an industry where technology and processes move so quickly. All of these lesson and gifts I have gained along my journey have given me the confidence to share this knowledge with you.

First and foremost I want our experience with one another to be authentic. You have me, so use me. Ask me all of the questions, pick my brain. These mentorships are created for you to get the most out of the experience and walk away with knowledge to help with success. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or a few years into your career. I am here to help you grow as a photographer and entrepreneur.

I am here for you. Let’s make magic happen!

Mentor Sessions

12 Hour digital zoom session: $450

This is perfect if you are wanting to dive deeper into different aspects of your business or craft. During this time we can cover topics like pricing, social media, defining your style, portfolio presentation, workflow and client interaction.

3 hour In person Session: $850

This is for local photographers or those that don’t mind a little travel time to Kansas City for a one-on-one in person meet up. During this time we will focus on your brand and attracting your dream clientele. As well as social media concepts, digital workflow and any shooting and lighting questions you have. This conversation will be lead by you and I will answer any questions you have about your business and how to expand. This session includes personalized plan to help you stay on track after this mentorship has ended.

One-On-One Interactive Session: $1450

This is a 8 hour session split into 2 days where we will meet up for coffee at Elements Studio or local a coffee shop and talk about what you hope to achieve with your business and your vision. We will go over business concepts, photoshop and LR workflows, social media and branding, in studio and on location shooting, lighting techniques in the studio and on location. This mentorship is design to help you reach reach your potential as an artist and entrepreneur. This is also a time to tackle any areas where you feel need to be addressed. This may include client interactions, posing or expanding your business into other areas. This session includes personalized plan to help you stay on track after this mentorship has ended.

Group Sessions: $2300 (split between friends)

The group session is for up to 3 people and is the same content as the one-on-one session but more fun with friends! It is an 8 hour session split over two days. We will talk shop over coffee and work on your photography and business skills. I welcome these group sessions because we can all learn from each other and splitting the cost is always a win. This session includes personalized plan for each individual to stay on track after this mentorship has ended.

Please Contact me to set up your mentorship. I am looking forward to working with you!


Unlock new skills with continuing education


Create unforgettable images that you are proud of.


Get inspired and be the inspiration to those round you.

Let’s build something incredible together.

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